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One-Click Trading

The One-Click trading option allows our clients to have instant execution on their trades in a distance of a click of a mouse. In the financial market,every second counts,and can make a big difference in the trade. This option enables our traders to enjoy lag-less trading.


Using over 60 indicator,The Cryptonicks trading platform allows clients to experience a variety of tools,making it a much easier to visually analyze trades. Proper functionality of the indicators is one of the most important factors when it comes to successful technical analysis.

Chart Tools

Offering more then 55 drawing tools & functions,Cryptonicks trades are enabled to enjoy the most useful tools,which makes the analysis much more efficient.

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar is every successful trade’s best friend. Cryptonicks trading platform offers its clients a built-in calendar which allows are trades to stay alert at all times,to the most important market reports.

Integrated News

Providing the most accurate market news,Cryptonicks is offering a real-time feature which allows our clients to stay alert to all market news & allows full maximization of profit.


Cryptonicks platform offers the easiest looking trading software in the industry,which fits the financial needs of both a beginner & veteran trader. The secret to success in the financial market,is having a comfortable trading environment.


Cryptonicks clients are entitled to receive custom market alerts,this feature is available in a form of pop-up,sound,SMS or and email alert. Moreover,Cryptonicks clients are capable of defining the parameters of their margin call alerts,which allows our clients to be informed in case they are running out of usable margin.

Estimated SL & TP (in currency)

Cryptonicks clients are capable of using a SL & TP feature,which allows our traders to to set a very important profit or loss limit,to have a much more controlled trading experience.

Crash Auto-Recovery

Being a client of Cryptonicks you will never need to be worried about having your workspace crashing and losing all of your setting. Using an Crash Auto-Recovery,Crytonicks saves all setting,making sure there are no changes being made & Clients are able to work exactly where they left off.

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